Die Marke Pringles

Pringles ist der Markenname für ein Snackprodukt, das aus Kartoffelflocken industriell hergestellt wird. Es gab rechtliche Streitigkeiten um die Verwendung des Begriffes Kartoffelchips, den die ursprüngliche Herstellerfirma Procter & Gamble verlor.

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#PringlesDIPbate: Down, Set, DIP!... ...

#PringlesDIPbate: Down, Set, DIP!... or don’t, it’s totally up to you Vorschaubild Canadian Football LEGEND, Michael “Pinball” Clemons, shares his views on the Great #PringlesDIPbate. Spoiler: If you're going to dip, you've gotta be willing...


#PringlesDIPbate Vorschaubild Michael “Pinball” Clemons is a CDN Football LEGEND… but is he a dipper?


THE LAST PRINGLE Vorschaubild Discover more at http://www.pringles.com.

Pringles Tortilla Chips

Pringles Tortilla Chips Vorschaubild

#PringlesDIPbate Rally

#PringlesDIPbate Rally Vorschaubild The #PringlesDIPbate began as a personal quest for Matt and Mr. P. After two weeks on the campaign trail, it's now a movement! From Nathan Phillips Square to ...

#PringlesDIPbate Rally (:30)

#PringlesDIPbate Rally (:30) Vorschaubild What began as a personal quest became a real movement.

#PringlesDIPbate: Make it work Mr. P,...

#PringlesDIPbate: Make it work Mr. P, make it work Vorschaubild Never a dull moment on the Great #PringlesDIPbate campaign trail. Today, Matt and Mr. P went above the call of duty and found themselves in a fashion mecca.

#PringlesDIPbate: Duck for Mayor… Qua...

#PringlesDIPbate: Duck for Mayor… Quack’N Right! Vorschaubild After more than a week, if there is one thing that Matt and Mr. P have learned, it's to expect the unexpected. The unexpected is exactly what they got when t...

Great #PringlesDIPbate

Great #PringlesDIPbate Vorschaubild Another T.O Mayoral candidate weighs in. Does he dip or not?

#PringlesDIPbate: Will TO Mayoral Can...

#PringlesDIPbate: Will TO Mayoral Candidate John Tory dip NEW Pringles Tortillas? Vorschaubild From Queens Park to The Kingsway, the #PringlesDIPbate continues. Matt and Mr. P are determined to answer, once and for all, the question of our time (to dip...


KLPR0108000H Vorschaubild


KLPR0107000H Vorschaubild


KLPR0111000H Vorschaubild


KLPR0112000H Vorschaubild

#PringlesDIPbate Day 3: Matt and Mr. ...

#PringlesDIPbate Day 3: Matt and Mr. P take it to the street Vorschaubild Will the dipping habits of Toronto's Mayoral candidates have an impact on the hearts and minds of Torontonians? What do they have to say on the matter? Matt .

#PringlesDIPbate Day 1: Labour Day Pa...

#PringlesDIPbate Day 1: Labour Day Parade. Success! Vorschaubild We will get an answer to the one question plaguing us all: To DIP 'EM or NOT TO DIP 'EM. Check out where one contender for Toronto's top job stands on this a.

Dear Toronto Mayoral Candidates, The ...

Dear Toronto Mayoral Candidates, The Great #PringlesDIPbate is On! Vorschaubild

The Great #PringlesDIPbate is On!

The Great #PringlesDIPbate is On! Vorschaubild

Official WM 2014 Pringles Bounce

Official WM 2014 Pringles Bounce Vorschaubild Pünktlich zum Fußballsommer bringt Pringles® das WM-Feeling auf die Straße. Über 100 Trommler, Tänzer und Football Freestyle-Artisten sorgen für ...

Pringles "Tamborearlas"